The Roundtable to share their experiences at this year’s Positively Aging Project Conference.

This year’s Positively Aging conference will feature a presentation on the LKAPS Roundtable as a way to address isolation and depression common in older adults with HIV. The Roundtable is our weekly drop-in discussion group where older adults with HIV can make connections and build community through conversations. 

Roundtable facilitators Luis Villanueva, Bob Basque and Alex Snell will talk about how the idea for Roundtable emerged, the process of starting a peer-facilitated discussion group, and what makes our meetings unique and successful. LKAPS members Jai Bezaire and Andrew Taines, who have attended the Roundtable since the beginning, will share their experiences as participants in the group. 

The Positively Aging conference starts at 10:00 AM this Saturday, September 17, and is free of charge. Breakfast and lunch are included! Speakers will address the psychological impact of HIV and aging, an update on the Monkeypox epidemic, and the latest medical research from the AIDS 2022 conference in Montreal. The keynote speaker is Jack Mackenroth, a former Project Runway contestant who came out as HIV positive while on the show. Click here to register for the Aging Positively conference. 

The Roundtable meets every Tuesday at 4:00 PM on Zoom, and every Friday at 5:30 PM in the Community Room at 1900 E. Tahquitz Canyon Drive. Visit for more information.

See you on Saturday!






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