Timothy Ray Brown

People on FaceBook express their deep sadness at the passing of our friend Timothy Ray Brown. https://www.facebook.com/TimothyRayBrown/posts/10158961286332853

Donors are being turned away despite a blood shortage and even though a test program seeks plasma with antibodies from coronavirus survivors. Here’s why.   Blood donations was a topic of discussion at a recent Lets Kick ASS-Palm Springs Chapter Zoom meeting, so I thought I… Posted by Lets Kick ASS-Palm Springs Chapter on Thursday, April

Gay men still unable to donate blood and plasma despite new FDA guidelines. Here’s why.Read More »

LKAPS Manual

The Kick ASS Manual was originally conceived as something useful to front-line providers. The project has shifted in composition, away from journal-type articles and towards personal stories, always with the goal of informing, increasing the body of knowledge around HIV and thereby improving quality of life for people living with HIV. Most of the pieces are

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