LKAPS Manual

The Kick ASS Manual was originally conceived as something useful to front-line providers. The project has shifted in composition, away from journal-type articles and towards personal stories, always with the goal of informing, increasing the body of knowledge around HIV and thereby improving quality of life for people living with HIV. Most of the pieces are short. We want them to be approachable and useful to a diverse audience, ranging from professionals and caregivers dealing with people who might have HIV, to people living with HIV, to people who don’t have HIV but want to learn more. The Manual can answer questions directly, and suggest sources for further information. It puts a face to aging with HIV, raises awareness around some of the issues that can trouble our lives, and provides ideas about how to improve them. You can read the manual here.

Prepared by the National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC), HIV 50+ Strong & Healthy Program Activities, and Eric Jannke. Sponsored by Gilead Sciences.