Knowing Me, Knowing You: Camden Orgain

Camden Orgain is a professional pianist who has worked in New York City, San Francisco, Provincetown, and Palm Springs. He agreed to a special performance for LKAPS members as a unique way to make his acquaintance.

Camden is performing Schumann’s Waldszenen (“Forest Scenes”) Op.82, No. 1: Entrance. Camden writes:

“I ran a concert series in Provincetown, MA for several years. One summer I had a running theme of Schumann’s fairy tales for solo and chamber ensembles. This genre allowed him to create character/mood pieces that explored musical stories that reached into realms of passion, horror, drama, fantasy that show why Schumann is the greatest German romanticist. The audience of the day, and sometimes even his famous wife Clara, was somewhat put off by his dipping into emotional extremes.”

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