Looking Forward, Looking Back!

The LKAPS Social Committee is working hard to keep us together during the Pandemic. The LKAPS Social Committee has been working to keep our community spirit alive during this time of Covid restrictions.  Our meeting for bimonthly coffee-time and the monthly Potlucks, were replaced by the Zoom Coffee-times on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, and […]

Coronavirus update with Dr. Rick Loftus

During the pandemic, instead of having our monthly potluck, we are having Tea and Conversation on the 4th Sunday of the month via ZOOM. This month we had Dr Rick Loftus, Infectious Disease physician/researcher. Dr. Loftus gave us a Coronavirus update and talks about COVID-19, HIV, vaccine timelines, and news important to our community. Everyone

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LKAPS Manual

The Kick ASS Manual was originally conceived as something useful to front-line providers. The project has shifted in composition, away from journal-type articles and towards personal stories, always with the goal of informing, increasing the body of knowledge around HIV and thereby improving quality of life for people living with HIV. Most of the pieces are

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