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In Memoriam

Timothy Ray Brown

1966 – 2020

Timothy was a valued member of our LKAPS team and member of our Palm Springs community. We will attempt to put together the thoughts and prayers of our community, the country, and the world on this page.

Memories from our LKAPS community

Covering AIDS as a TV reporter was always more than just a job for me, and AIDS was always more than just a news story.  As one of the first openly-gay TV reporters in the nation, I knew I had to tell the story from a gay man’s perspective.In the beginning of the epidemic, when we were all losing so many friends, I had one wish, which was to see the end of it.  I wanted to report on the cure.  Finally, during the 30 year anniversary of the discovery of AIDS, I began to hear about the so-called “Berlin Patient,” the only person in world history whom doctors considered cured.  My producer Ryan McKeel, also a gay man, managed to find this miraculous patient, and Tim agreed to do his first TV interview with us for KPIX TV in San Francisco.  Our story also aired nationally on the CBS Evening News. I will always be grateful to Tim for the opportunity to tell his story, and for the hope he gave, and will continue to give, to others who have HIV.  I was honored to spend time with him and to be a vehicle he used to share his story with the world. -Hank Plante

In memoriam Timothy Ray Brown the "Berlin Patient"

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