The LKAPS mission is to help people reduce the isolation and stress of living with AIDS Survivors Syndrome.

What is AIDS Survivor Syndrome?

AIDS Survivor Syndrome is a version of Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It describes the signs and symptoms of the accumulation of trauma experienced by those who lived through the first two decades of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. C-PTSD is different from from the better known Post Traumatic Stress Order (PTSD) in which trauma typically involves a single event or a group of events of limited duration. Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is defined as a psychological stress injury which results from ongoing or repeated trauma over which the victim has little or no control, and from which there is no real or perceived hope of escape.   That sounds like the HIV/AIDS epidemic to me, a long-term survivor living with HIV since 1983. – Tez Anderson

The hard truth

  • 50 percent feel isolated and alone

How we help

People feel better when engaged in social activity. LKA Palm Springs helps long-term survivors overcome isolation by creating social opportunity. From our popular monthly potlucks, twice-monthly coffee socials, and our movie nights, to now establishing annual events such as our June 5, Long-term Survivors Day reception and our Thanksgiving Day feast, LKAPS benefits its members through engagement.

“It’s not just great to be with other people who can relate to my life experience, it’s an opportunity to meet amazing people.”

-LKAPS Member